Learning on the Job: Lessons from the Coronavirus

By Anne M. McCarthy

Now that your team has mastered the art of working remotely and Zoom Etiquette is in place (don’t forget to mute ?), what are we learning from this period of isolation?

As a recent Harvard Business Review article on learning stated, “Learning will be the foundation of our survival, then, for both organizations and the individuals who make them up. As the world shifts to online work and businesses struggle to reinvent themselves, organizations need to learn what kinds of new products and services will appeal to their consumers and learn how to create them.”

As segments of the economy begin to re-open, why not initiate a few conversations that will stretch everyone’s thinking and encourage engagement? Here are a few icebreaker topics:

  • What major lesson(s) did you learn from competitors during the COVID-19 quarantine?
  • What new practices will you embrace as a result of the COVID-19 isolation?
  • Which practices or programs are now irrelevant and should be sunsetted?
  • How will business look different in 3 years as a result of COVID-19?

The answers to these questions will help your team assimilate to the “Brave New World” and help you refresh your 2020 game plan.

And don’t forget: there’s always time to brush up on your Zoom etiquette skills! Here are the responses to our Zoom Etiquette Quiz: What’s your biggest video conferencing pet peeve?

  • 43% Forgetting to mute
  • 32% Talking over one another
  • 9% When the screen freezes
  • 8% Multi-taskers refuse video
  • 8% Other

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/learning-job-lessons-from-coronavirus-anne-m-mccarthy/

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