We work across
multiple industries,
with key expertise in:

  • Financial Services and Insurance
  • Food and Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Healthcare
  • Technology

We work across
multiple industries,
with key expertise in:

  • Diagnostics
  • Consulting
  • Coaching

Why we’re different:

We understand business. Marketing and communications are our core competencies. Our diverse network of expert advisors work with our clients to solve challenging business problems from message conflict to master narratives.


“Anne McCarthy is a key convener in the industry who’s a pro at reaching across the aisle to bolster collaboration among top talent in our profession.”

-Rich Kylberg Vice President, Corporate Communications and Global Marketing, Arrow Electronics


“Everybody has an opinion on what constitutes ‘good marketing.’ In working with Westmeath, we found that setting clear objectives and securing fact-based data helped us embrace a best practices approach that help our leadership team align around important criteria and, ultimately, move the needle for our organization.”

-Liz Bauer Chief Communications and Investor Relations Officer, CSG International

“Westmeath provided us with great value on a challenging assignment. We needed help getting maximum impact from our Colorado Open sponsorship and Anne McCarthy and her team were exceptional.”

-Arthur Hodges Senior Vice President Communications, CoBank

“Westmeath understood the skills and
competencies required and drove the change management process. They set appropriate expectations and delivered outstanding results in a finite period of time on a tight budget.”

-Christine Woolsey Senior Vice President, Chief Communications & Marketing Officer,
SCL Health Systems

“Westmeath learned the intricacies of our organization, in turn offering us a methodical approach to align our programs so that we could create a unified message.”

-Debbie Ryan Vice President, Human Resources & Communications Johns Manville

“Working with Westmeath helped us to get back to what’s important – Our WHY. They taught us a simple framework to create connected messaging that we still use today. The professionalism and expertise of the team is what all consultants should strive to be.”

-Jennifer Nealson Chief Marketing Officer,
Denver Center for the Performing Arts

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