Does Customer Engagement Matter for Brands?

Diane Scott
Diane Scott

By Speakers’ Corner Presenter and Western Union Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Diane Scott

As a purpose-driven company that “moves money for better,” placing strong emphasis on our customer experience and engagement is of utmost importance. People and businesses choose Western Union because we are a business centered on the needs of our customers, and we’ve invested and innovated to provide consumers and businesses with a wide range of choice in services. We strive to enable them to move money any time, anyway, in almost anywhere in the world.

On average, Western Union customers transact with us less than a dozen times a year, which makes customer engagement even more important during the times they are not using our services.

So how do we do that?

Well, our business is social in nature. It is relationship driven. So it only makes sense that we as a business leverage social media to engage with our existing customers, while continuing to grow a strong customer base. As such, we are utilizing social media to build a critical mass audience that is engaged with the Western Union brand, drives awareness and advocacy, and provides high quality care.

Since launching a formal social media campaign about two years ago, the practice has been a resounding success, creating a strong following of consumers, customers and other notable external stakeholders and influencers. Today, we engage with more than six million followers across our Western Union social channels.

As listening and conversation are the foundation of social marketing, we have found that there are some conversations that are more important than others and we would like to share our thoughts with you in this video.

Join us in this Speakers’ Corner webisode as we discuss the five social conversations that all brands should care about, and how they have provided us with invaluable insights about our customers, helped tens of thousands of customers through our 24×7/ 365 social care and created a lot of brand advocacy and awareness along the way.

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