Three Wishes on St. Patrick’s Day

By Anne McCarthy

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! In the spirit of this magical day, let’s take a break from business jargon and clichés to observe a day of ‘blarney.’

Since everyone pretends to be Irish on St. Paddy’s Day and so many folks elect to paint themselves green from head to toe, why not declare March 17th the international day of blarney? We can all adopt a day of flattery, hyperbole and a healthy dose of exaggeration! Flatter your boss, charm your date or beguile your dear Mother.

Whether you’ve kissed the Blarney Stone or had a few too many pints, we believe a little nonsensical language is in order — one day each year.

This St. Patrick’s Day, let’s celebrate the spirit of the day and enjoy a bit of old fashioned, innocent fun. At the conclusion of St. Paddy’s Day, we have three wishes for the business world.

Wish #1: Insist on Accuracy in Messaging.

Wish #2: Eliminate Jargon, Empty Words and Pabulum.

Wish #3: Embrace Storytelling to Communicate Fact-based Concepts.

Let’s agree – words matter. Let’s usher in a new era in business communications by setting higher standards and insisting on clarity in messaging. I’ll share more specifics in the coming weeks.

I believe in miracles, don’t you?

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Wish #1. Insist on Accuracy in Messaging

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