Five Early Warning Lessons from the Groundhog

By Anne McCarthy

I like Groundhog’s Day. It’s not because it’s a reliable prognosticator of the weather. It makes no difference to me whether we have an early spring or a longer winter – I like both seasons.

I like Groundhog’s Day because it’s a great time to recalibrate business goals.

For business people, we’re almost six weeks into the New Year. Groundhog’s Day serves as a natural reminder for each of us for to ask five strategic questions.

1. Are we on a fresh course or repeating the same mistakes from 2017?

2. Do we have the right talent in place driving the most important initiatives?

3. Do we have the appropriate funding behind the most critical programs?

4. Are we using the best outside resources to bring fresh, critical thinking to drive our enterprise’s top priorities?

5. Do we have new performance standards in place to set our enterprise apart from the competition?

It’s still early in the year. There is time to reset the direction and achieve our audacious goals.

Rather than focusing on weather or other trivial activities we can’t control, make 2018 a stellar year by taking full advantage of this early reminder from our pal, the woodchuck!

Anne M. McCarthy, founder and president of Westmeath Global Communications, is a corporate communications veteran. Westmeath is a business communications consultancy devoted to cutting through complexity, driving clarity and helping clients achieve tangible business results.

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