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The services we offer are all designed to clarify purpose, motivate action and drive growth. Whether we are creating an integrated communications plan, conducting a communication team audit or leading a storytelling or executive messaging workshop, our approach focuses on collaboration and creativity grounded in proven methodologies.


Communications Audits

Understanding content, channels and message conflict is an essential component of a communications audit. We offer a comprehensive methodology to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of messaging across paid, earned, owned and social channels.

Organizational Assessments

There is not a ‘one size fits all’ organizational model that can be applied to all communications functions. There is, however, much to be learned from best practices and industry knowledge that can be applied to every organization, respecting the company’s unique culture and heritage and economic and social goals.
In our experience, it is essential to have the right team, the right skills, the right resources and right structure in place in order to promote the business strategy and tell a compelling story to customers, employees, community leaders, investors and other key influencers. We believe an organizational assessment can be a key accelerator in meeting strategic objectives.

Skills Assessments

The marketing and communications profession has radically changed and will continue to evolve at a rapid pace. We bring our deep corporate experience, third-party tools and industry best practices to evaluate the roles, skills and talent required to drive performance in a competitive manner.

Peer Audits

Whether the need is to benchmark an organizational structure, conduct a financial assessment or focus on best practices, through trusted relationships across industries, we gather confidential peer information to provide context and insights to drive a plan of action.

AOR Evaluations

Selecting an agency partner can be a time consuming and disruptive activity. As an impartial member of the marketing and communications profession, we understand the digital, advertising and PR world and offer corporate clients an agency evaluation methodology that is holistic, confidential, objective and fast.

Friendly Fire Evaluation

It is more common to witness message conflict or what we call ‘friendly fire’ than to observe aligned activation. Message conflict occurs within an organization or across an industry because campaigns are not aligned; channels are not coordinated; budgets are not leveraged; and content is not strategically curated. Our propriety framework ferrets out the cross-fire and delivers a clear plan for alignment.

Market Research and Measurement

Effective marketing and communications programs rely on a set of meaningful metrics established before the work begins. We rely on a variety of metrics including activity, output, operational and outcome(s) to determine whether progress is being made.


Brand Promise & Messaging Platform

Protecting corporate reputations and building lasting brands or creating new brands is our bread and butter. Whether it’s addressing a vulnerability or tapping into marketplace opportunity, our approach is grounded in contemporary best practices and tailored to fit our clients’ culture.
Messaging workshops
Solid messaging is the backbone of effective marketing and communications programs. Our messaging workshops include a series of engaging, thought-provoking exercises aimed at uncovering compelling themes that reflect the essence of the enterprise and resonate across stakeholders and influencers. Our certified trainers, leverage Simon Sinek’s WHY® philosophy, and devote time to understanding a company’s true purpose and values by translating the “why” into memorable and genuine messages for specific audiences.

Executive Positioning

True thought leadership emanates from an executive’s belief system. We work to uncover the intersection between the executive’s personal passion and the enterprise’s purpose. We drive our propriety Leadership Platforms across paid, earned, owned and social channels.
Transitions – planned and unplanned – are standard fare in today’s business environment. We create customized communications roadmaps, particularly CEO Transition Strategies, to properly position leaders and engage key stakeholders for long-term success.

Business Communications Plans

Many enterprises suffer from siloed thinking and find it challenging to build cross-functional collaboration and communication. We are stakeholder agnostic and pride ourselves on addressing the needs of a cross-section of audiences – from investors to customers, from employees to community groups.
The marketing and communications profession has radically changed and will continue to evolve at a rapid pace. We bring our deep corporate experience, third-party tools and industry best practices to evaluate the roles, skills and talent required to drive performance in a competitive manner.

Corporate Transformations

Corporate transformations are an enterprise-wide business imperative, and a broader, integrated approach is required to drive and sustain the required changes – be they cultural or operational. Organizations across the board are addressing competitive factors, technological advancements and a radically diverse workforce with new and different requirements. Simply put, a successful transformation requires cross-functional leadership participation and the CEO’s active stewardship.
The cultural change can be informed and even directed by communications, but must be supported by tangible program and policy changes, notably incentives for employees to change their behaviors.
Change management
Progress is all about finding the common denominator to mobilize disparate parties. Using proven methodologies, including Kotter’s change management model, we help leaders engage with board members, employees and customers to achieve a shared vision.
M&A planning and integration
Intimately familiar with disclosure guidelines, we work closely with investment bankers, lawyers and executive teams to develop communications protocols and messaging strategies during acquisition and integration periods or divestiture and restructuring announcements. Communicating the rationale of the deal and ensuring smooth transition plans are essential elements of the approach. Publicly and privately-held enterprises must communicate corporate performance in a consistent, clear and concise manner. We help craft narratives that translate the numbers and transactions into meaningful messages for all stakeholders—investors, employees, customers and community leaders.

Employee Engagement Campaigns

In an age characterized by excessive information and an abundance of data, it’s essential to foster ongoing dialogue in the workplace. With an appreciation for the culture and a thorough understanding of the business priorities, our plans drive engagement, advocacy and performance.

Issues and Crisis Processes

Preparation is critical in managing risk, issues or crises. Based on front line experience, we advise, build plans and workshops and design scenario training modules and protocols to protect the enterprise, activate relationships and minimize disruption. We also offer real-time advice when an enterprise is in the heat of an issue – from media monitoring to content development.

Corporate Citizenship Initiatives

Good citizenship goes beyond fiscal responsibility. We create strategic programs that reinforce an enterprise’s purpose, while benefiting society under the principle of doing well by doing good.



We offer a number of workshops designed to improve internal and external communication and collaboration. Many organizations have relied on Westmeath to design quarterly team meetings, address a specific topic or drive a facilitated session.
We believe every company has a great story to tell and that storytelling has an important role in business communication. Great stories help communicate a concept, reinforce a message or create a memorable bond in an authentic way. We employ a trademarked methodology for business storytelling based on the Gaelic and Irish tradition of the Seanachaí®, the keeper of oral traditions and tales of the clan. We are also certified Ideo® Storytellers. Our approach helps leaders develop and deliver stories that are genuine, informative and memorable with a natural blend of emotion and entertainment.
Presentation training
Presentation delivery is a critical skill for career advancement. Our experts specialize in this learned skilled and help executives embrace techniques and tips that drive audience engagement and message retention.
Media training
Staying on message is both an art and a science. Working with our partners, we offer contemporary media training that empowers spokespersons to confidently engage with reporters and bloggers on news or feature topics.

Professional Development: Coaching/Mentoring

Skills: All coaching is not the same. Westmeath Global Communications is maniacally focused on developing the next generation of business communicators. Our proprietary and personalized curriculum translates theory into practice – one leader at a time.
Culture: Our clients work with senior coaches who have worked in the corporate environment – across a variety of industries and cultures.
Networking: Westmeath’s coaching methodology is customized to drive the best individual and team performance – it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Individual and Team Assessments

Westmeath’s propriety self-assessment tool is built on best practices and is the foundation for organizational design recommendations including how best to leverage and/or develop existing talent and where upgrades may be necessary.

Embedded Talent

Westmeath is able to provide resources and top talent to our clients based on needs for temporary assignments, bringing expertise, peace of mind and continuity while filling gaps that often arise from a leave of absence or search for a new hire.

Branded Offerings and Events

We’re proud to have developed a number of branded offerings and events designed to promote collaboration, connections and professional development for leaders in our profession. We believe deeply that marketing and communications strategies should drive business results, and are constantly pushing our industry to deliver more.

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