Hunter Albright

Hunter helps companies grow through experimentation, developing ideas and opportunities

Michael Baldwin

Michael perfects the power of persuasion – he’s an advertising

Jim Burke

Jim easily connects with people at all levels of an

Laureen Cassidy

ureen has more than 25 years of experience leading strategic

Bernie Charland

Bernie is a seasoned communications leader with more than 30

Kendall Colman

Kendall is a C-level executive presentation coach who advises some

Ashley Dennison

Ashley creates achievable and impactful programs through a natural sense

Lynn Dolynchuk

From editing white papers to analyzing social data, Lynn has

David Geddes, Ph.D.

David predicts trends that inform marketing communications, public relations and

Jessica M. Graham

Jessica brings expertise from the intersection of public relations, internal

Joost J. den Haan

Joost sees the big picture. He’s a skilled strategic communicator

Mark Heisten

Mark’s clients refer to him as a “whole brain” leader

Doug Hock

If a client is up at night because of a

Michelle Jones

A Fortune 500 C-suite executive, Michelle’s hallmark is transforming companies

Ted McDougal

Ted delivers a unique combination of business understanding and public

David Mortazavi

David is an expert in building corporate reputation – a

Adaire Putnam

Adaire is a savvy communications confidant who has built and

Gretchen Reid

Gretchen is a transformational coach and consultant leading strategic change

Triona Saunders

Triona uses marketing programs to build businesses. She is managing

Amanda Turner

Amanda is dedicated to the idea that strategic internal communications

Kim Wroblewski

Kim helps companies of all sizes ignite their brands through

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