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Amy McIlwain, Content and Social Media Marketing Expert

Recap of the LIVE Content and Social Media Marketing Q&A featuring Speakers’ Corner presenter, Amy McIlwain

Thank you to all who participated in our October LIVE Q&A with Content and Social Media Marketing expert, Amy McIlwain of Speakers’ Corner!

Below you can find a full transcript of the questions and answers pulled directly from Twitter. Some of the highlights were:

  • Every company, regardless of industry and product offerings, should be on social media. Content and social media marketing has the power to benefit all businesses and gives them a free outlet to do so.
  • Facebook Power Editor can be VERY powerful with the ability to target people based on very specific attributes, but it’s not worth your time if you’re unable to invest even a small budget.
  • Developing a flow chart to respond to negative comments can be an effective and simple method of managing unhappy customers quickly.
  • Social media can be measured using a variety of tools and serves as a powerful driver to your sales funnel.


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