WhiteWave Foods Company (now Danone) manufactures, markets and sells leading food brands like Horizon Organic®, Silk®, Earthbound Farms®, International Delight® and SoDelicious®. The company embraced the management practice “Common Sense Integration,” a practice that encourages leaders to pro-actively identify synergies that will increase impact for the enterprise by better utilizing resources and generating efficiencies. Danone joined forces with Westmeath to operationalize this process.


Danone sought opportunities to improve resource utilization by identifying and eliminating areas of duplication to ensure its team remains focused on the highest value work.


Tapping into best practices resources, Westmeath interviewed team members and peer companies to identify synergies and ways to better deploy resources, including people, processes, technology, organizational structures and budget. Our findings were delivered in a white paper and workshop that identified human, financial and operational ideas to drive “Common Sense Integration.”


Processes and protocols that could be streamlined were identified and fresh thinking and new approaches to eliminating legacy constructs were developed to improve the performance of the function.

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