Colorado-based CSG International (CSGI) is one of the world’s leading providers of business-critical software systems and services with a focus on helping businesses evolve, adapt and transform. Tasked with its own transformation, CSGI came to Westmeath in 2016 seeking to revitalize the company’s marketing function.


Starting with a contemporary definition of product marketing and identifying the skills needed to staff this evolving function, CSGI was challenged with the best process for reinvesting in the company’s marketing function.


Westmeath initiated a comprehensive best practices study focused on gathering and synthesizing information from professional associations, industry research and one-on-one interviews with CMOs at peer companies. Several key themes emerged around organizational schemes, roles and responsibilities, essential competencies and budgetary guidelines. These elements helped Westmeath develop a blueprint, which outlined priorities, capabilities, structure, tactics and metrics. The findings were shared with the CSGI executive team in the form of a white paper and presentation deck.


CSGI confidently and successfully relaunched its marketing function with an organizational design and structure that produces stronger, aligned teams, specific areas of competitive focus and measurable results.


“Everybody has an opinion on what constitutes ‘good marketing.’ In working with Westmeath, we found that setting clear objectives and securing fact-based data helped us embrace a best practices approach that help our leadership team align around important criteria and, ultimately, move the needle for our organization.”

– Liz Bauer, Chief Communications and Investor Relations Officer, CSG International

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