Arrow Electronics, the largest publicly-held company in Colorado with more than 18,000 employees worldwide, is a Fortune 150 company that specializes in providing products, services and solutions to industrial and commercial users of electronic components and enterprise computing solutions. Westmeath works with Arrow on multiple projects. All of the outreach is designed to increase awareness and understanding of Arrow and the role the company plays ‘guiding innovation forward.’


Margins are thin and competition is vigorous in the electronic components industry. Arrow is constantly seeking innovative ways to tell the company story by leveraging its executive team and tapping into earned media.


Westmeath created a series of customized leadership platforms for Arrow’s executive team. By reinforcing the company’s purpose and uncovering the executives’ passions, members of the C-suite are deployed at industry forums, conferences and in earned media opportunities.


Arrow has significantly raised its company profile and established itself as an active and engaged member of the technology industry. Arrow has built solid relationships with a broader customer base and its increased visibility has enhanced its recruiting efforts. Company leaders are now blogging and actively sharing perspectives as thought leaders in industry and academic settings around the globe, raising their personal and professional profiles.


“Who better to partner with for leveraging your brand than a key convener in the industry who’s a pro at reaching across the aisle to bolster collaboration among top talent in our profession? When we need extra messaging muscle around here, I’ve got Anne McCarthy on speed dial.”

– Rich Kylberg Vice President, Corporate Communications and Global Marketing, Arrow Electronics


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